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Soap pouch

An organic and hand-knitted soap bag for a gentle and effective exfoliation of your body. Also perfect for storing all your leftover soaps and washing yourself with them.

About the project:

The women who knitted the bag live in a small village outside of Kolkata. Many of the families are farmers and the cultivation of rice fields is their only source of income.

The Toockies program was created to empower women. By participating in the project, they can take charge of their own lives while they work and earn money independently of their husbands. They will often use this money to create a better future for their children.

Every woman writes her name on the ticket, so she gets recognition that she can be proud of.

Soap pouch

  • Maintenance

    The bag is made of 100% organic, raw cotton, which provides a mild abrasive effect. Machine wash at 90 degrees.

    Small variations in shape and color may occur with all handmade products.

    The raw cotton can create a natural extract of vegetable color. This confirms that the yarn is 100% raw cotton that has not been exposed to chemicals etc. Any color change will disappear after washing.

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